Patterns In Art

Patterns In Art

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”


William Morris, famous textile designer and pattern maker, said it best. He managed to beautify our world and the home by using incredible patterns on furniture, wall paper, and so much more. Patterns are integral to art in so many ways, from artists forming patterns to create cohesive work, to artists using visual patterns in their work. Let's explore this beautiful concept.


What are Patterns?

Patterns are a "discernable regularity" by Wikipedia and an "arrangement of repeated or corresponding parts" by For as long as artists have been making art, that art has contained patterns. We're talking 10,000 years and cave paintings.


Part of the appeal of patterns is that we as human are built to seek them out, metaphorically as well as physically. For this reason we find them intriguing, even if they are bold or subtle. Patterns create relativity between two things: whether color or shape, theme, or some other aspect, we're able to discern and familiarize ourselves with patterns. And, as humans, that satisfies the need for our little brains to neatly categorize and discover meaning from whatever pattern we're looking at.


In Art

We adore patterns! While too many patterns can cause disharmony, New Elements can work with you and matching these patterns to the best suited art, or work with patterns in our art to help you reinvigorate your home. Patterns can set the mood and rhythm for not only an artwork, but in fact an entire space.


Many of our artists show patterns in action. We live for Lisa Creed's incredible pattern work, especially popping up in many of her abstracts.

Lisa Creed and her work

Square etched bowl in celadon Kelly Pottery by Steve Kelly.

Steve Kelly is one of our ceramic artists who use pattern as part of his defined style. Many of his ceramics contain these randomized elements, which makes him so unique!


Interested in seeing even more pattern work in action? Stop by "Surface Tension." our latest exhibition featuring pattern heavy artists Heather Divoky and Rachel Frey! "Surface Tension" opens March 24 and will be on view through April 21. See you there!