Blur the lines!

On the eve of our annual Home Show at the gallery, I was reflecting about the question of whether furniture is art. Interiors are a passion of mine--I love to look at a feed of photos of interiors as well as thumb through glossy magazine spreads filled with colorful interiors featuring tall ceilings with large art (no surprise there), but I often gaze longingly at the Chesterfield sofa or the cool architectural accent chair that is the pop of color in the room.


Executive Director Nancy Stula of the UConn William Benton Museum of Art believes firmly that furniture can be art. She curates a show around the UConn Reads book selection. Recently she curated an entire show of chairs as an exhibition for "Game of Thrones." Chairs are an approachable subject in that everyone sits in chairs daily and everyone likely owns one chair. She goes on to say "Central to this exhibition is the idea that design aesthetics and function can be integrated into one object."


Having functional pieces in your home can also be an artful one. I love our line of bronze candleholders from Sekoya. They are wonderful home accents that are also art. I met Luis at a show, and I knew our clients would love his work. He also makes bed frames and tables which are beautiful and of course useful. I also love the functionality of artful furniture. I think many people miss the significance of owning original wall art, but everyone enjoys sitting down at the end of the day in a chair, or on there sofa, or lying in their bed at night. Why can't it be artful too?


I am actively looking for a handmade piece for my foyer at home. I am waiting for it and watching for the right piece. We have so much fine art on the walls that our foyer cries for a handmade piece. I love this one in a client's home-it is an Indian wedding table.

At the gallery, we recently let go of some beautiful ribbon chairs from the eighties by Jaymar. They were sculptural, beautiful, and surprisingly comfortable. We sold them to a client who couldn't do without them. They were perfect for an art gallery.


I love finding furniture that feels special and individual, just like wall art pieces. The fun thing about both of those things is that they are rarely duplicated. That is what makes them special, and what makes our living spaces so special.


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An Indian wedding table under "Splendor" by Rachel Frey in a client's home.

Aubergine Jaymar leather chairs with art by Ann Parks McCray and Hiroshi Suyoshi sculpture in our annual home show.