Why does every collection need a piece of pop art? To keep it light, of course!

According to the Oxford dictionary, pop art is "art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values." It tends to be bright, fun, and a reflection of the times. This last characteristic is incredibly important: since the subject of these pieces were often referential to icons and pop moments of the time, pop art because accessible to the masses. Most art under this movement is easy to digest (most...not all!), and has the ability to interest an audience that may not necessarily want to decipher a conceptual frame work!


Ok, now that we've gotten through why pop art is amazing, let's get to the super fun part: decorating with pop art! A piece of work reflected in this movement is one of the best focal points for decorating the room. One of Nathan Ryan Verwey's pieces, such as "Astronomy", is a wonderful example of a piece which would work as a focal point of a room.

"Astronomy" by Nathan Ryan Verwey

We love rooms with a primary color of white, but adding this piece absolutely stand out. To make the room even more interesting, pick an accent color or two to create a cohesive, exciting space. That gold from the gold leaf and the pink for a community space? Yes please.


Pop art can also be used to accessorize a room. Sculptures of bananas, dog balloons, and other small works add fun panache to any room. My favorite example? A contemporary dining room with a pair of gold lips as the table's center piece. Todd Carignan paints on a smaller scale, so one of his works, although a painting, would work well. Although we don't have them now, Carignan regularly paints Star Wars pieces that we absolutely adore.


No matter what you do, you can make pop art about you! It refers to cultural moments, but you can pick what moments you love. Commission a comic artist to do a portrait of you and your loved ones. Pick a piece of work that refers to your favorite movie. Or, find a piece that reflects a space you like. Bruce Bowman's work is flawless for local Wilmingtonians...The Penthouse is a great example of something that can be considered Pop-art-esque!

A Star Wars Oil Painting of Yoda, a Pop Icon, by Todd Carignan

The Penthouse is also an icon...in Wilmington. Piece by Bruce Bowman

Pop art is fun, and can enliven any room. We are so happy to have a beautiful show featuring two pop artists: Sullivan Anlyan and Nathan Ryan Verwey. "All that Glitters is Gold" will open March 25 from 6pm-9pm EST. We hope to see you there!


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