We're Evolving People!

As we head into year 2 of the pandemic, the landscape of art in the work place is drastically changing. While once it was required that most people show up in a centralized location to work, this is no longer the case. Sure, as we gradually resume some sort if normalcy some places will return to in-person work, but other places are fine with Zoom calls. Additionally, the amount of people resigning to start their own business (you know, the Great Resignation) is also impacting the work environment. How does art, corporate art collecting, and at-home art collecting fit into this new landscape?


Art is always a good investment, so the answer is fairly simple: there is still plenty of room for art in the work environment! Whether you're at home full time, or come in to the office every day, or just meet once every few weeks, everyone can still benefit from art at the work place. And New Elements Gallery can help place that art for you!


For companies that are choosing to return to the workplace, art can boost productivity. A recent study from the University of Exeter found that employees in a work environment that featured art are 15% more productive than those in a place without art. 94% of employees felt art enhanced the work environment, and 78% thought it reduced stress. Talk about numbers! With that in mind, we think sticking to bright, happy works of art are brilliant for a work space, such as the Catherine C. Martin piece below:

Catherine C. Martin 

New Elements Gallery can help you place a cohesive, beautiful collection of art in any corporate setting. Even if a company does not return to work full time, hand-tailored art in conference rooms and reception areas are a benefit, especially work that carries the value and branding of that company. Colors that call to your company, or subject matter that fits with your company can further push how your company is seen in the public. A wonderful example of this is any of Lindsey H. Jones' works for boating companies, or companies near the water!

Lindsay H. Jones makes the perfect art for a marine-based business.

In addition to the previous benefits, art collections create a connection to the community, especially if the art purchased is from a local artist. Frankly, art provides networking opportunities via artist, community, and company. But what about for people who work from home?


62% of workers now say they work from home on an occasional basis, and that number is set to grow. While companies probably won't pay for pieces in home offices, workers do have the ability to decorate their home office in a manner that creates a productive environment, and write that new piece of art off if they use deductions. And who doesn't want to create a space separate from your living quarters for you to focus? I know I can imagine one of these Victoria Primicias works right beside my desk at home. When I need a small break, all I have to do is look up and I am transported to a tranquil realm for a moment.

Victoria Primicias' "Pagan Tears"

Our process for decorating a work area--whether in a conference room or a home office--is the same, but is always tailored to you:


  • We start with a complimentary consultation
  • Then we talk about a proposal and budget
  • After, we make an art selection that fits you and your company.
  • We provide a quote and place orders
  • Finally, the art is delivered and installed by us.

If you are interested in learning more, please email us at We will be more than happy to help you!

And remember, buy art for office's sake! Or something like that.