Make your space POP with this type of collectable!

Craft is an item that is used to enhance a space, not necessarily hung on the wall. It can be a small painting, a piece of glass sculpture, a piece of pottery, or a wooden bowl. When an art dealer says this it usually refers to original craft. Home Goods has made a small fortune selling craft that is mostly manufactured. The other choice is to not have any craft (or as my husband says, dust collectors, or my wonderful friends say tchotchkes) but I really believe a space without any craft comes off cold. That being said let’s fill our space with elements that you love. In this post we are going to talk about why you should be collecting original craft!

Stunning turquoise and yellow glazed organic vase by YiFenn Strickland.

Some of the most favorable price points for new collectors are in the craft category.

I have had some really great conversations with young collectors, and many of them have realized that they can participate in the price points on craft more comfortably. By the same token small paintings are usually less expensive than a large piece, so they can be bought and displayed in a vignette in lieu of being hung on the wall.

In the spirit of being a conscientious consumer, or more mindful, buy something that you won’t tire of nor will it go out of style. 

I have had other young collectors say that they cared what they brought into their home, and they purchased artful items very carefully, instead of wasting their money on temporary or trendy items. Take it from me this is so much better than purchasing items that must be gone through later. Like Marie Kondo, I hope everything you buy brings you joy.

Bud Vase and Bowl from Potter Michael Lalone.

Beautiful functional pottery from Ryan McFall

Square etched bowl in celadon Kelly Pottery by Steve Kelly.

There is an energy in a handmade object. 

A handmade piece contains the energy that the artist’s

hands passed on to it. 


Potter Ryan McFall of Humble Pottery and I had this conversation when he came on board at New Elements. They have taken pottery from long ago civilizations and put a needle into their grooves to release recorded sound that was recorded at the time the piece was made. Imagine that a piece of original craft in your home doesn’t have a mate anywhere-that it is one of a kind. You won’t ever walk into another home and find a duplicate piece if you collect original craft. There is something magical about a piece that is hewn by the human hand.

Potter Michael Lalone at work! Putting all that great energy into a piece.

Large Black Vase from Kelly Potter--Steve Kelly.

Craft is artful but can also be functional. 

We had dinner with good couple friends of ours. A wine cork went into a million pieces and the wine was decanted into an YiFenn Strickland pitcher decorating my kitchen. Beautiful and useful! You can ask the potter or the art dealer and they can tell you whether a piece can be used with food or not. Many food safe pieces in the gallery are also decorative and can even go on the wall.

Incredible blue and green functional and decorative ceramic pieces from YiFenn Strickland.

In closing, we always want you to collect what you love. Only bring into your house what you love. Remember that original craft is affordable, unique, and sometimes functional as well. Give original craft a chance-you may never look back!


So until next time, buy some art for art’s sake!