Renato Abbate and Anne McCombie



About the Artists

Anne McCombie, Ceramics Artist/Instructor since 2007 is a Wilmington native. She has been inspiring the Northside community with ceramics, gardening and mixed media since 2015. She helps her children and students see beauty in their unique perspectives through the use of discarded items, by turning muddy mounds of clay into sculpture or functional forms, or sowing seeds to nourish both the body and mind.  She sees beauty and inspiration everywhere.


Renato Abbate is a Wilmington NC potter who works primarily in functional stoneware but also enjoys exploring different mediums.  Most recently metal and concrete. His work reflects life in Wilmington and life on the water. He is inspired by the chance of learning something new, and the pursuit of the perfect ceramic cup. His work has been enjoyed by many as he continues to refine his technique.