Reid Coyner

About the Artist

In Reid Coyner’s words:

From early childhood, my fascination with water and what lives beneath the water has always completely captured me. Remembering at age 3, I was out swimming with my father and saw a jelly fish swim past…my childhood brain thought it some body part from some nearby pirate attack! The mind still reels almost 60 years later. Always when things bump into you while in the water – it is a fish, is it a creature or something else?

Having spent the majority of my childhood (186 days per year on the beach), can remember when there were only party lines, no individual phone lines, gasoline powered refrigerators (no electricity on the islands in the winter) and the storm warning system (pink VW bug with loud speakers). Although the coast has completely changed (including the waitresses at the Sanitary) my very being still looks to find creatures in the water. Some of them I can put on paper, some not!

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