Naomi Malka Litzenblatt

About the Artist

I consider myself to be a writer who weaves stories with her paintbrush. My art celebrates life and the majesty and dignity that each of us brings to this magical world. I rejoice in the beauty of music, dance,family and friendship, as they relate to each other and to the forces of nature. As I listen to music, while gazing out of my studio window at the harmonies and disharmonies of nature, my internal world continually creates and recreates semi-human beings that dance off the canvas, to and from mystical worlds, ever conscious, and yet unconscious of the ultimate Supreme Being from Whom all the joy and music of life derives.

A perfectionist in my daily life, I find complete freedom in my painting.  I refer to the imaginary beings that float from my soul as my “people”; I love to have them jump out of the paintings or invite you inside. They are welcoming you to their world: please accept their invitation.