Michelle Connolly

About the Artist

In Michelle Connelly’s words:

My work evolves from one creation to the next; it is not pre-planned but more organic in its way. The subject is irrelevant. Whether an animal, a bird, a person or a landscape – I bring my interpretation to the work, the subject is just a point of departure for the artwork – a starting point for the experiment to begin.

I work most days in my studio or at home and for me a happy day is when I can create, it’s important for me to work and to keep the momentum going. I have an experimental approach to material and subject – I love to play and let my imagination and my artist’s eye run free. I like to push boundaries in my art and enjoy the spirit and honesty of primitive works, folk art, outsider and visionary artists. These appeal to my sensibilities.

I see my art making as an adventure that I have embarked on… taking chances with my work, finding an inner voice… being brave and bold… and realizing along the way that this is a lot of fun to play… there is nothing to lose… this is my place to experiment and find joy and humor in creating works. I enjoy connections with people and celebrate the conversations and connections that are made when showing my work.

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