Mark Weber

   “Between two mountains there is a gap. Sometimes that gap may give you a glimpse of an oncoming storm. But then sometimes that same gap reveals a blinding shock of light.”

I started my career as mainly an illustrator for my local paper in Erie, Pennsylvania where I was born and lived off and on for close to forty years. My first big break came to me via the world of children’s books while at the same commissions by other magazines and newspapers began to come in. Some people I worked with include The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Cicada, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy and The Atlantic to name a few.

During this time I always painted and sold my work through various galleries primarily centered in Pennsylvania and New Jersey where I moved to in 1999.

My pallet varies depending on my mood and subject matter. As for my approach, I am always striving to capture a playfulness while maintaining an edge which the viewer is compelled to look at time after time yet still find something new to entertain their soul.

Who knows what that gap may show?