Lisa Creed

LCREHarpsprofilepicSea and Sky series

In my sea and sky paintings I seek to honor the numinous that surrounds us. For me the spirit of nature and the elements is nowhere so evident as in the sea and the sky, the light and air along the eastern coast.

I grew up summers on this coast. I spent the long summer days of my childhood running wild in the fields, learning to swim, setting my own deep taproot into the soil of this place that restores and sustains me to this day. In a personal ritual, I do not let a year pass by without swimming at least once in the bay.

Inevitably, my Eden has been discovered, and as change comes to the land, its wildness and primitive beauty retreat. In my paintings, I seek to keep alive that sense of wildness, stripping out every trace of human activity. There are no boats, no buildings, and no people to distract from the true subject of the work: the open horizon, the joining of sea, sky, and earth. I hope to bring you, the viewer, to the same sense of awe and ecstasy that I feel on these shores, and to awaken in you the same reverence for your special, spiritual place.