Kristen Dill


About the Artist

In Kristen Dill’s words:

The watercolors of Kristen Dill are a synthesis of an experience that distills a scene to its essence.  Vibrant color choices reveal an intense response to nature. Kristen Dill obtained her BA from University of Southern Maine in 1978. After graduation, Kristen lived in Maine for five years. The surrounding countryside is filled with landmarks first seen in the works of Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper.  Kristen was drawn to and inspired by Homer’s ability to evoke a sense of physical immediacy and Hopper’s expressive color and bold design. Since then she has lived and worked in Dallas, TX, Memphis, TN and now Raleigh, NC. In the summer, home for Kristen is Moose Pond in Bridgton, ME where an old screen porch serves as her studio.

Kristen has accomplished a lot as an artist having had her works used on One Tree Hill and in Disney’s “Teen Spirit”. Her work was also shown in American Artist Watercolor Magazine. Dill is also a member of the Southern Watercolor Society and a regular participant in juried exhibitions and small shows.

Artist Statement

“I use oil and watercolor paint to capture the ephemeral quality of nature and make it a shared visual experience. Focusing mostly on organic shapes, layer vibrant color to intensify the viewer’s awareness.

In the course of dealing with a chronic illness I find the creative process regenerative. I paint in response either to a visual stimulus, such as a unique color or shape, or to an emotion. The process of painting develops and crystallizes my own insights.”

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Reviews and Other News

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