Kee Wilde-Ramsing

About the Artist

I grew up here in Wilmington, and, as a restless youth, I couldn’t wait to leave. After I graduated high school, I traveled the United States with my boyfriend (who is now my husband). There I found the necessity to have something to offer the world. It all started with chain mail, but it wasn’t long before I began to feel constricted with the monotony, and structure of it. I began experimenting with what else I could do with wire and found a passion that think I will never grow out of. For about four years I made jewelry with copper electrical wire to sell for gas and other necessities. After our first daughter was born in 2001 we found the undeniable urge to settle down, and could think of no better place than the one we were so ready to leave just four years before. (Everything comes full circle). Other than some private classes with Melissa Manley, I have not had any formal training. What I have learned comes from experimentation, and a lot of mistakes. I have always learned best from my mistakes. Many of my designs have a free, and unrefined look to them. My mother is a clay sculptor whose work has a very primitive appeal, and my farther is an archaeologist, so I have and inborn appreciation for history, and its influences on art. It is only natural, even with all of my influences, that my roots would be prevalent in my work. I like to imagine that a few of my more rustic pieces could be mistaken for artifacts. Nevertheless, with all of the inspiration and knowledge constantly bombarding me, my styles are ever progressing. It is important to me as an artist to always be searching for a new or different style. I hope to look back ten years from now, and be able to see how much my art has changed.