Hannah Gaerlan

About the Artist

In Hannah Gaerlan’s words:

Hannah Gaerlan’s journey as a jewelry designer began in 2015, after an awakening trip to Bali. At the time I was living in Hawaii, and when I came home from Bali, I was inspired to design and create jewelry using basic techniques of crochet. The name BOHA came about from the bohemian style that I often connect to, as well as the first two letters of my first name. I love to work with sea shells, semi precious gemstones, and unique pendants that I find along the way. Over the years, I have been challenged to express who I am through my jewelry designs, yet careful not to get too attached to any one design. What speaks to me in a moment, may not be heard by another. And that is ok. The process of creating is where ‘the why’ happens for me. And if what I create calls to another person in an entirely different way, all the better.

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