Evalyn Boyd Hines

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Evalyn Boyd Hines is an American abstract painter born in Portland, Oregon in 1949. Her parents were migrant farm workers for many years. They moved frequently, following the harvest seasons. Eventually the family settled on a small farm in rural Arkansas. There, at a early age, Evalyn discovered her love of drawing. The small rural school she attended did not offer any art classes so her teachers would often encourage her to draw in exchange for extra grade credit.

After moving with her husband, Thomas Hines, to Sarasota, Florida, Evalyn attended Ringling School Of Art and Design where in 1986 she received her Bachelor Of Fine Arts in painting. At Ringling she was influenced by an instructor who was a abstract artist. Under his guidance, she explored compositions of elemental color and form.

Evalyn’s early environment seems an ever present force–from the energy, variety and novelty of her mother’s colorful quilts to the wild landscape of rural Arkansas. These visual memories may explain her unhesitating push for color extremes that conjure a visceral and intoxicating emotional power.