Eileen Gordon

Eileen Gordon was born and raised in the Midwest.  She studied dental hygiene and received her degree in Sociology from The Ohio State University.

In 2005 she moved to Southport, NC and established her studio, Egret’s Nest Pottery, where she creates hand-built and wheel-thrown works.  Her large vases and covered jars are built using clay coils on the wheel.  Many of the works are carved in freehand designs so that each piece is unique.  Her columnar sculptural pieces are constructed from three to seven separate modules which are bolted together and rest on ceramic bases.

Constantly in search of new techniques and ideas, she interacts with area potters in classes and workshops. She studied for several years under the direction of master potter Hiroshi Sueyoshi at the Cameron Art Museum Panco Clay Studio, who significantly shaped the direction of her work.


Artist Statement

When I work with clay I find the medium to be therapeutic and the stresses of everyday life evaporate.  Carving the completed work is as satisfying as creating a pleasant form.  The designs I carve are inspired by the natural surroundings – the wildlife, marsh grass, water, and woodlands of the coastal Carolinas.  I carry through the themes from nature with glazes and finishes that I apply to the finished work.