Carla Drummond

SONY DSCOriginally from a small town in Upstate NY, Carla has been nurturing her love and learning of pottery since taking a course at the University of Vermont in 1997.  Moving into a 15 year career in scientific research and then pharmaceuticals, she continued to spend time taking ceramics courses and doing studio work in Pittsburgh, PA and Charlotte, NC.  She gained juried membership into the Pittsburgh Society of Artists in 2014.

Her work is rich in textures from jewelry and natural elements such as seashells and corals, that blend with gem-like facets and color.  Her inspiration for each piece is beauty, movement and reflection.The artist is also a longtime yoga student and instructor, often incorporating recycled yoga mats and mandala designs into her work. After she meets operating costs, remaining sales proceeds from her work are donated to charity.

Carla is happiest when near the water, drawing strength and serenity from the sea.  She lives in Kure Beach, NC with her husband, young daughter, a dog, a cat and several fish.

Artist Statement:

My artwork is an expression of my feelings and my desires to be close to God and to connect with people.  I love to give items new life and presence through clay.  Old jewelry, broken seashells and pieces of coral are my pencils and paintbrushes.   The clay body is comforting to me because there is a certain confinement of the medium, yet it still allows me to express grace and beauty with seemingly limitless shape, texture and designs.  I don’t think it is ever easy for an artist to part with their work as each piece contains a part of them… expression of what they were feeling or experiencing at a particular moment.  By donating my sales proceeds to help others in need, I find it a little bit easier to say goodbye to piece, and to feel the purpose in my artwork beyond its form and function.