Bruce Bowman

About the Artist

In Bruce Bowman’s words:

Born and raised in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Mr. Bowman developed an early interest in architecture.  He pursued this interest and later changed his residency to North Carolina where he earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture at NC State University in 1983. The School of Design allowed him to also develop his interests in visual design as a secondary discipline.  As a licensed architect in the early 1990’s he is responsible for several significant structures in Wilmington, which is now his home.  These include the Holiday SunSpree at Wrightsville Beach and the New Hanover County Judicial Building Expansion which features a 4’x 8′ glass mosaic also created by Mr. Bowman.

 In 1997 he began pursuing his art interests again and is now represented by New Elements Gallery in downtown Wilmington where he has been the featured artist in two two-person shows.  His art influences include Van Gogh, Matisse, and Picasso as he has developed an expressionist style emphasizing bright colors and exaggerated perspective.  His subjects often include buildingscapes and interiors utilizing palette knives to apply the oil paint.

Artist’s Statement

My reason for choosing broad palette knives is to be quick and expressive with the ability to create sharp edges and tight lines.  The wet on wet application creates an impasto technique providing dimension and texture.

Dynamic or wide angle perspectives are often chosen to pull the viewer into the setting.  Skewed perspective and intentional distortions are added to represent different views from the same general vantage point.  By utilizing these abstractions, the accuracy of the rendering becomes unimportant, but the essence of the subject becomes vivid.  The paintings are intended to be serious in spatial and color interplay.  My profession, as an architect, requires accuracy and realism, which can become quite exhaustive.  My approach to painting is refreshingly opposite while still exploring architecture in this region.

You can see photographs of Bruce at work in his studio at Rick Ricozzi’s photography blog.

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