BF Reed


About the Artist

Her masterful paintings reflect the tireless years that she has devoted to her craft.
Her extensive portfolio of paintings reveals the full range of her expertise.

She skillfully captures the immense power of the raging ocean crashing ashore or the graceful dance of multi-colored butterfly Koi. While her stunning abstracts scream for attention.

She has always been an artist. Even as a preschooler, she could often be found with pencil in hand– doing what she loved – creating.

She completed her formal studies at the prestigious Tyler School of Art, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. This launched her professional career as Medical Illustrator at Temple University’s Medical School. There, she created exquisitely detailed images of animal and human biological and surgical illustrations.

As a “visual translator”, she converted complex scientific information it into a visual form to address the needs of an array of health science professionals.

As a Graphic Designer, she tapped into her well-honed artistic talent.
With her creative flair, she visualized and designed captivating images, by hand and with software, for marketing logos, posters, brochures and magazines for an assortment of major entertainment events.

Later, as an Educator, she shared her vast artistic experience with a generation of students. Exposing them to the splendor of art and inspiring them to unlock their imaginations.

Her exquisite water color and pastel paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries across the US and internationally. Her paintings are held in various private, diplomatic and corporate collections in the US and abroad.