Ann Marie Hodrick

About the Artist

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a creative person. I was born and raised near Cleveland, Ohio with an artistic mother who taught and encouraged me to create. From sewing and crafting as a child, to painting, drawing, and metalsmithing in high school. In college, my love of art and design took me to New Orleans, where I continued my studies and explored ceramics, printmaking, and fiber art at Loyola University.

I started Heart’s Desire Jewelry while living in the San Francisco Bay Area because I love working with my hands to create something beautiful for others to enjoy. I have always felt the need to live a creative life. To me, living a creative life means listening to your heart and soul, to bring to life your most passionate dreams. Recently, my heart has brought me to eastern North Carolina where I continue to learn, explore, create and live in gratitude.  Thank you for your interest in my art 🙂


I’m committed to seeking out materials that are remarkably unique, so that I can craft jewelry that tells a story of intrigue, interest, and inspiration. Every element surprises me and captures my attention, whether it’s a rare gemstone, a shimmering pearl, or other exotic elements like ancient fossils and artifacts.  I’m fascinated by color and textures, often drawing on my everyday experiences like bright hues from blossoms in a garden, the shapes in a city scape or the way waves on the ocean catch the sunlight.

It’s important to me to take great care in how I source my materials, so I make a commitment to work with suppliers I trust and respect. Many of my gems are cut by a family-operated business based in Jaipur who I admire because of their ethical business standards, and because they’re artists themselves. Another supplier whom I appreciate is a world traveler; she often presents her gem findings to me in their natural state, as close to how she found them as possible–unearthed and without enhancements. I use .925 sterling silver, .999 fine silver, gold-fill, vermeil, and solid gold. To lessen my environmental impact, I work with vendors who sell recycled metals, and I recycle my metal scraps, as well. It’s a small step, but it can make a big difference to minimize my effect on the environment, which I hope can help promote a healthier world.


My hope is that, by wearing this jewelry, you feel joyful, confident, beautiful, and loved. I wholeheartedly believe that the more love we show to ourselves, our capacity to share love with others strengthens, which I hope can help spread more love and compassion throughout our communities and the world.