Angie Sinclair

About the Artist

In Angie Sinclair’s words:

I’m interested in reflections , what’s inside and out of a window. I notice everything; a fold of a fabric, and if wet, how it hugs the body. A shadow is as important as the object casting it. The way light reflects on the surface of the water but the water remains translucent. I love mixing fabric and how it makes shapes and patterns with or without colors. The human body is my favorite. I try not to be too realistic but somewhat impressionist.

Somehow I go from painting to mosaic and back. I love working in both mediums. They are completely different. Mosaics are precise and somewhat addicting (Like a puzzle that has to be finished ). Painting is a looser form of art and more freeing. I’m always trying to challenge myself with any subject matter. I’m happy when I’m creating.

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