Alicia McGloon

Alicia McGloon – Watercolor Jewelry Artist

Originally from Upstate New York, Alicia moved to eastern North Carolina in 2016 and is currently residing in the historic city of New Bern. Art has always been an integral part of Alicia’s life. Growing up drawing and painting along side her father and grandmother was a crucial element in her development. Her love of the illustrative arts tied her to her family heritage.


In 2010, she graduated from Onondaga Community College in Syracuse New York with a degree in Fine Art. It was 2013 when her passion for watercolors bloomed. Alicia sought out a way to combine her love of watercolor with her fondness of jewelry. She developed her line of watercolor jewelry called “Simply Divine Details.” Each and every piece is hand painted by Alicia and encased in sterling silver and glass. The first summer of creating and branding the jewelry quite literally fed that starving artist and her family while her husband was a full-time student at the New York Chiropractic College.

February of 2018 Simply Divine Details celebrated it’s five year birthday. In that time, Alicia created thousands of tiny watercolor paintings and crafted them into jewelry. She has sold these pieces at boutiques, festivals, and galleries in New York and North Carolina, as well as online sales around the world!

When not working on the jewelry, Alicia enjoys creating detailed portraits, often in watercolor or graphite and has won many awards for her attention to detail. To learn more about Alicia and her creative process, follow along on Instagram and Facebook