Adrienne Watts

About the Artist

Adrienne Watts is a Wilmington, North Carolina artist who began working as an abstract painter in 2018 after retiring from a career in accounting and real estate. While not formally educated in the arts, Watts’ father was an artist, and she has a deep love for art as a result. She has studied abstract artists Sterling Edwards and Sally Cooper.

Watts’s art has been included and awarded in local, regional, and national exhibitions. She has had several solo exhibitions locally and is a recipient of Jerry Goldstein Foundation artists’ grant in 2021. Watts is a member of the Wilmington Art Association and Art League of Leland, and her work is available at New Elements Gallery (Wilmington), Water+Color Gallery (Riverlights), Sunset River Marketplace (Calabash NC), online at, or by appointment at her studio.

Artist Statement

“My work is more about the process of painting, not the depiction of a subject as it appears in the natural world. I use lines and shapes, layering as I paint to create depth, values, and visual interest. As a child watching my father paint, I was drawn early to abstract expressionism and have chosen that path. This work gives me the freedom to make artwork that speaks deeply to me and to those who enjoy my work. There is no intended subject, so the interpretation is up to a viewer. Often, visitors to my studio tell me what they ‘see’ in my work. My current work is not ‘about’ anything… It is an experiment with colors and composition. The process of creating is as important to me as the final work and I enjoy the interplay of color, texture, and materials while I paint. What happens during the process of painting is what influences what I do next, and it feels magical.”

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