Timothy D. Smith

timothy-smith“Whether we realize it or not, all of us and almost every living creature listens to light speaking. When one starts to see the natural landscape through appreciative and caring eyes he begins to understand the power of light.”

Born in Wilmington in 1952, Timothy D. Smith’s family soon returned to their hometown of Asheboro, where his visual curiosity began. His first camera, a hand-me-down from an older brother, was given to him at the age of ten and was a Kodak Brownie “Hawkeye”. Smith’s love for the art and mechanics of photography continued to grow from there and to date he has worked with many different cameras, from 35mm all the way up to the 4×5 view camera.

After graduating from Randolph Technical Institute in 1972, Smith returned to Wilmington and began to immerse himself as much as possible into the photographic community. He won first prize as well as an honorable mention in the very first photography contest hosted by the Azalea Festival, which lead to a night-time photo teaching position at the (then) Cape Fear Tech, where he continued to teach for several years.

Smith has also been a photographer for the National Guard, where one of his photographs was chosen as photo of the year. He has participated in many one-man as well as group shows and his work has been sent to Wilmington’s sister city in China and hung in the offices at the Volkswagen Headquarters in Germany. In addition to his many accomplishments, Smith also studied under the world renowned photographer and teacher, John Sexton, who himself was an assistant for years to Ansel Adams and continues to consult for the Adams Foundation.

Smith continues to be fascinated by photographic images, particularly the natural landscape. He is always looking with a “composing eye”, noticing balance and shape, contrast and color, object placement and texture. He visually, if not literally, photographs constantly, and sometimes to a fault. His work continues to be enjoyed in many private and business collections throughout the U.S.