Marilee Stockman

marilee-stockmanMarilee Stockman is a sculptor whose passions for life and art are evident in her sculptures. Her work has an alluring quality brought on by the powerful moodiness expressed.
The surface resolutions of her sculpture enhance the depth of the emotional experience by the viewer. The feeling for the forms and shapes of nature is the inspiration for both her abstract and figurative works. She relates all of her work to the figure and its relationship to its environmental surroundings.

Marilee received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from California State University at Long Beach, Long Beach, CA. in 2000. She also has studied with Lincoln Fox. Through the years she has taught drawing, painting and sculpture. She taught in the Ohio and California school systems, had a art sale and lease business, was an active volunteer for several non-profit groups, a commissioner on the Newport Beach, Ca Arts Commission, founded the Southern California Hydrocephalus Group and was the chairman for 20 years, member of various art associations, and has a volleyball internet business.

Marilee creates her sculptures from clay, wax and bronze, stone, wood, and welded steel. Most of her work is figurative in some way. She loves people and the human form. While working in wood, she feels the warmth of the wood, which gives it life as she carves it. When working with steel it doesn’t have the warmth feeling, but being able to heat it and being able to bend and form it into something gives her much satisfaction. The bronze figures are much more complex than the other materials as she does mostly ballet figures in difficult positions.

“I like working with my hands and the feeling of shaping things. I want to feel the creation,” says the artist. “My inspiration comes from the materials themselves. Sometimes I want to express emotions and other times I let it come to me.”